Will you talk together in Japanese ?
An intensive course for free-talking in Japanese for 10 days !!

For people who would like to challenge your level of conversation,
would like to speak Japanese well, or would like to enjoy the various topics.

Will you have an intensive course in only Japanese with other students?
You can study Japanese efficiently in small numbers via Skype and can enjoy talking with Japanese teachers (free-talking). There are 3 teachers and they are all Japanese.

You and the teachers speaks only Japanese in this course.

<Lesson Topics >
2.Japanese who you have met in Japan ( How do you feel? )
3.Do you have any hobbies ?
4.I’m a copywriter. Do you have any questions ?
5.How to spend a summer vacation in your country
6.Child raising and Kidzania (Kizania ; the place where the children put the uniform on and get started in a city ; it’s just for Kids !)
7.What’s the most beautiful thing in your life that you have seen ?
8.How do you feel about the life of cicada ?
9.What will you do if you can get a lottery ticket ?
10.Let’s tell your fortune by your birthday

Please apply the first lesson. It’s for free.

: from July 15th to 19th , July 22th to 26th (10 times)
Time: 9:00am~10:00am (Japan standard time)

Date : from July 15th to 19th , July 22th to 26th (10 times)
Time: 9:00am~10:00am (Japan standard time)

Date : from July 22th to 26th , July 29th to Aug. 2th (10 times)
: 9:00am~10:00am (Japan standard time)

Date : from July 22th to 26th , July 29th to Aug. 2th (10 times)
: 11:00am~12:00am (Japan standard time)

Level: advanced learners
Students: 2~3 students
Teachers: 3 teachers – Fanta sensei Megumi sensei Rie sensei
Fee: 12,500yen

If you were absent from lectures, we don’t refund the fee.
Please apply the first lesson till July 8th.
Please pay the lesson fee in 3 days after your first lesson.

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